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His Law is Love

I’ve never considered myself to be a user.  You know, someone who depletes others’ time, energy, service, etc. for the sake of meeting their own needs.  For the sake of getting what they want…only with no intention of giving back.  I’ve always tried to give back.  Even if it was in a different way than… Continue reading His Law is Love


The last few months of my life have been riddled with sketchy and surprising behavior at best.  That age old wrestle between the flesh and the Spirit continue to combat within me and sometimes it’s a day-by-day…moment-by-moment occurrence.  In the midst of this battle I found my good friend’s blog post on the subject of… Continue reading FLATTERED BY ATTENTION…WHY DO YOU WANT HIM? (Reposted from Ms. Mia Writes)

Happy Birthday Blog!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little blog!!!  It has been one year this month that I started blogging and words can’t express how amazed I am at the fruit that has come from this site.  BUT since it IS a BLOG, I will just have to TRY to use words :-).  In all honesty I originally had NO intention of… Continue reading Happy Birthday Blog!

Desire Fulfilled is a Tree of Life

Anyone experienced in “waiting on the Lord” understands all too well how true the first part of Proverbs 13:12 is: “hope deferred makes the heart sick”.  One may receive a promise from the Lord however did not receive His time frame in when that promise would come to pass.  During that waiting period the heart… Continue reading Desire Fulfilled is a Tree of Life

The Call

As sure as I am that God is real, I’m just as certain that evil is real.  When I was a sophomore in college, I was discussing my grade with my Economics Professor and somehow we got on the topic of faith.  “Nicole, if God is real, how come bad things happen to good people?”. … Continue reading The Call


Just an fyi, this is my first blog so please extend some grace.  I hope to post some great highlights and interesting phenomenon that occur in my everyday life…and hey if nothing happens I can always just make something up LOL. Also if you’d like to email me please do so at: nicolemiller@overcomingheartbreak.net or follow… Continue reading WELCOME!