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DSC_0503_edited-1My name is Nicole…Nicole M.  About 10 years ago I traded my youth for an eternal romance.  For an exciting adventure.  For my best friend Jesus.  Since then I’ve learned this relationship was not going to be as smooth sailing as it first appeared.  I had no idea that what I was actually choosing to do was live a surrendered life and that that surrendered life would mean a lot of “dying to self”.  It would also mean getting to know Him in a way I never would have, had I not made those decisions to sacrifice those things so near and dear to my heart.  Well the sacrificing isn’t over!  And 10 years is a drop in the bucket to Jesus, but every day we give is precious to Him.  One thing that has kept me in this journey is His love.  It is truly better than wine.  The purpose of this blog is to record this life journey God had planned before I was in my mother’s womb.  It’s my hope that you will read and be encouraged by the fact that you are not alone.  If you are His child, and going through similar experiences, know that His love will carry you through the waves of life.  In the words of John Mark McMillan “If grace is an ocean we are all sinking”.  Enjoy reading!!


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ma, am a newcomer to ur blog. Its a gd work u are doing. God bless u for it. i read d section where u gave us information on urself. And u mentioned dat when u gave ur life to Christ, u didn’t know it would require ur surrendering urself totally to God. U said d gd thing is dat God’s love has kept u this far and u av sacrificed in this Christian journey by dying to self. i just want to say dat ur decision to accept Christ and follow him with total surrender and dying to self is d best decision one could ever make. Its something to be greatly happy about. See, surrendering our lives to Christ totally is something dat is a privilege. Really, its a great honor to be a child of d Most High God. And its bcos d life of those who aren’t Christians is full of troubles of life ,so its a privilege to be a Christian and a fully surrendered Christian at dar bcos this make us masters over all of life’s challenges. The life in Christ is a privilege and way much better than d life in d world. Ur life of total surrender to Christ is a call to be a vessel of honor. To minister healing to d sick. Its so awesome when d Lord uses us to heal d hurting world, with d anointing of God’s Spirit mightily upon us to minister God’s succor to ds hurting world. Sister, its d best decision in life to be a totally surrendered Christian. I really think its a privilege. Cos its launches one into d best kind of life ever on earth. Also pls, are u a Jew? Cos ur frequent use of d word ‘Yeshua’ is exclusive to d Jews.

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    • Yes i agree living our lives for the Lord is a privilege and also requires the power of Holy Spirit. I am not Jewish but often use Hebraic terms since that is the original language of the old testament. Tx for reading!!


  2. Very proud of your evolution and Gods transformative working in your life Nicole. Every layer removed, having been put upon you by “this life” is another opportunity for others to see Christ revealed in you!
    Shine Bright Young Woman!!!

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    • Tx so much!!! That really means a lot! It has been His grace and relentless pursuit that has aided me to persevere especially when I didn’t understand His ways. He is faithful to complete His work in us!!!


  3. Goodness how I bumped into this amazing blog its only God Nicole. I am super exciting to get to know you and read your materials. I am going through a trying time currently in my life but somehow I know that it is getting better and better. I did Public Relations at school and been working for 7 years in and out of the field but this year has been the most for me….from being jobless, to being homeless but in all Ive found rest love and peace from God. Currently looking for a job left right and centre and still nothing has come through as of yet BUT I have a burning desire to speak and motivate young people out there so just last week I’ve uploaded 2 video’s of social media. This field requires confidence, wisdom from God and strength to do it even if it dont feel like it. Right now I need help to take first steps….

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